Time Magazine Recognize The Growth Of Whitney Wolfe As A Business Leader

Whitney Wolfe is that app developer that people cannot seem to stop talking about. Her app has grown in a substantial way, and Time Magazine is recognizing her along with other magazines like Forbes for her outstanding achievements.

The heat is on for social media gurus like Mark Zuckerberg when it comes to privacy, but the female social media guru that is now known as Whitney Wolfe is on the rise. She is getting quite a bit of attention because she has become the mastermind behind the dating application where women make the first move.

Whitney Wolfe has clearly been able to present herself as a leader that was willing to innovate and recreate a new dating app environment. So many people have been able to attest to the fact that Whitney Wolfe is bringing something different to the table. She appeared on a 2017 cover of Forbes, and she is one of the most influential people for time in 2018. In 2017 she even appeared in Brides magazine because she got married. All of these are things shows that she is living her best life. What she is trying to do is get many other women to live their best lives as well. She is trying to do this by accommodating them when it comes to finding friends, making network connections and building lasting romantic relationships.

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Whitney Wolfe has proven that she can take the lead when it comes to innovation. Why all the other app developers were basically doing the same thing with dating apps when Whitney Wolfe decided to expand. She made a decision to bring her app beyond dating and even get into partnership agreements with the LA Clippers according to refinery29.com. She wanted to fight for equality and bring more attention to gun control.

Even in the midst of building a successful dating app Whitney Wolfe knew she also wanted to do other things to help people. This is why she has expand the Bumble services.

What Whitney Wolfe has essentially done is prove that women have a place in business and they are up against a lot of opposition from people that may not believe that they can do it. She has proven over time that she is someone that has bigger plans. She has plans to be in this business for a long time, and she wants to help women that want their businesses to thrive.

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