Organo Gold’s Impact Is Gaining Momentum

Bernardo Chua launched Organo Gold in 2008 and currently works at the company as the CEO. The Organo Gold team was quite small when they first started out, but they have managed to grow tremendously within a short amount of time. When it comes to network marketing, Organo Gold is one of the quickest growing corporations out there. Bernardo is a highly successful in the field of business and even he was surprised by the profound impact Organo Gold has had and their level of growth over the past decade. Visit Bizfluent to know more about Organo Gold.

Organo Gold is majorly focused on network marketing on a global level and building their influence. Part of their mission is to spread the knowledge of Ganoderma and the amazing benefits it can have for people all around the world. Organic Gold hopes to use this product to improve the lives of people from all walks of life. Along with the premium products they offer, Organo Gold also has business opportunities for up and coming business majors and entrepreneurs out there. Investing in the future leaders of the coming generations will be beneficial for everyone and Organo Gold intends to have a large impact.


The main ingredient behind Organo Gold’s products, Ganoderma, is organic and used in its purest form. For centuries Ganoderma has been known to have the ability to heal and provide numerous health benefits to people. Since Organo Gold makes premium teas and coffee, it allows people to substitute their usual habits with much more healthy ones at a much cheaper cost. Organo Gold also offers hot chocolates and lattes alongside their tea and coffee. They offer other products such as nutraceuticals and personal care products alongside their beverages.

According to Organo Gold, Ganoderma is good for bringing balance and stability to the body and promoting general health. This amazing ingredient can also help aid with chronic conditions and illnesses that people commonly deal with around the world, including cancer, diabetes, ADD, and more. Organo Gold’s main focus is not to grow their wealth or size, but their impact on the industry and peoples lives through opportunity and healthy products. Watch this video on Youtube.

WEN’s Classic Cleansing Conditioners Add Special Edition Scents Like Pink Jasmine Peony

WEN By Chaz is a brand that speaks volumes about modern hair care, and its creator has always been at the forefront of beautiful hair.

Chaz Dean is not only a famous Hollywood stylist with an A-list of celebrity clients but a genius at developing healthy, no sulfate products. His no lather shampoo system has been unsuccessfully copied by many industry competitors, because there is only one Chaz Dean.

WEN By Chaz is all about healthy hair beginning at the root. His unique cleansing conditioners have been developed to protect hair from damage, offer glossy strands with resilience and build strength from inside the hair structure. His welcoming, rich formulas are made from herbs and botanical agents and are ideal for tresses of any type or condition.

WEN’s special cleansing conditioners are a five-in-one bottle of benefits. You’re receiving a shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, de-tangler and leave-in conditioner all blended into one. That’s a brilliant beauty concept and an affordable one, too.

One of WEN By Chaz’s newest formulas is the feminine and luxurious Pink Jasmine Peony. It’s a special edition cleansing conditioner that is only available for a limited time. Women are addicted to this, and the scent is floral and gorgeous to have wafting throughout one’s locks. One happy customer described the Pink Jasmine Peony scent as “springtime in a bottle.” Another enjoys the wonderful texture of the product and its ability to transform her dry, finicky locks.

Chaz Dean’s cleansing conditioners are so amazing, that he has not used a lather shampoo on himself or his clientele since 1993. That says a lot about the versatility and success of his WEN By Chaz hair care line and that shampoo lather is unnecessary. Chaz Dean is all about an holistic lifestyle and his brand reflects that beautifully.

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Dressing Down Never Looked so Good

Known as the latest fashion trend, Athlesiure is taking the world by storm. Originally designed as workout wear on, Athlesiure can be seen everywhere. Outfits consist of hip yoga pants, tights and form-fitting leggings that can be easily paired with a comfy sweater or T-shirt.

The main idea beyond the fashion trend is for gym clothes to go beyond the gym. With the busy schedules of today, who has time to change clothes two or three times? Being able to wear what you are already wearing and go from boardroom to gym and back is what it’s all about.

But where can you find stylish workout gear that won’t look frumpy on Thanks to award-winning actress Kate Hudson, Fabletics has an excellent choice Athleisure to please even the pickiest of girls. From snazzy yoga pants to dresses that look fantastic with leggings, versatility is key when it comes to Athleisure fashion. Hudson’s new line of Fabletics offers something for everyone-barefoot renagades to boardroom CEOs.

Founded in 2013, Fabletics is a platform where fashionistas can shop all of the latest styles at prices they can afford. Fabletics partnered with Kate Hudson and created active wear that is now shipped globally to thousands of happy customers.

So, when looking for one-stop shopping, say farewell to the mall and head online to Fabletics.

Queens of Drama Second Season Continues to Bring the Drama To Reality

The Soap Opera Network Show Queens of Drama is an American scripted reality series that is now in it’s second season, and continues to follow the lives of five soap opera stars who star as factionalized versions of themselves. Queens of Drama follows the five women as they attempt to film a new soap opera pilot. The five soap opera stars are from both daytime and evening drama series.

The second season of the show stars Vanessa Margil, who is best known for her performances on “90210”, Lindsey Harley, whose credits include “Passions”, “Days of Our Lives”, and “All My Children”, Hunter Tylo, best know for her nearly 25 year appearance on “The Bold and the Beauriful”, Christee Pharis from “Passions, and breakout star Crystal Hunt, who has appeared on “Guiding Light” and “One Life to Live”. These five women bring the drama and passion that keeps viewers glued to the screen and anticipating every next moment.

This half hour long scripted reality series gives audiences an inside look on what it is like to be a working soap opera star. It follows the ups and downs of these women’s lives and careers as they try to navigate the fickle world that is daytime television. The five women try to negotiate a deal with network executives for a new show that has much more substantial roles for women, which appears to still be hard sell to the male lead boardrooms and executive network heads. Queens of Drama attempts to turn this on its head, as all five of the leads are women. Along the way their is still plenty of drama, including Hunter Tylo being brought in at the last minute against the wishes of the other women.

Popular Facebook soap star Crystal Hunt is one of the young stand outs on this show. On “Queens of Drama” she is most notable for her rivalry against Lindsay Hartley. One the show she has no qualms about fighting dirty and has been known to call out Hartley on her age due to Hartley auditioning for mom roles.

Crystal Hunt is best known to soap opera fans for her roles on “Guiding Light” and “One Life to Live”, Soap Opera fans are most likely to know here as Lizze Spaulding a character she played for three seasons on “Guiding Light”. Metacritic shows that this role earned Ms. Hunt a Daytime Emmy Nomination for Best Young Actrees in a Drama Series. Later she played the role of Stacey Morasco on the long lived sitcom “One Life to Live”

Besides her roles as a daytime soap opera star, she has also appeared in movies and commercials. She began appearing in commercials when she was a young girl and even starred in a Walt Disney anti-drug ad. In Magic Mike XXL Crystal appeared as Lauren, and she played the role of Molly in 23 Blast, a sports drama film about the life of a disable teen who wants to play football. Besides Queens of Drama, she has also recently produced her first feature film, Talbot County.  There’s a great acting reel here too that showcases Crystal Hunt’s range.